The blanket truth.

I’m learning that many people get caught up in an image of themselves. Trying to define who they are, how they appear to others, their usefulness and purpose, etc. Then they start remembering times in their life when things were different, they were different. They start to scramble and try to figure out who is the real version of themselves. They miss when they were younger, or felt differently, or had different things. They look around and say "I’m not like that person…" or "I’d love to be more like that person there…" and start trying to measure and weigh themselves against the world, as if they are a separate being.
I’m learning that we are all recycled from the universe. Our bodies are recycled earth and water. Our breath is recycled air. Our thoughts are recycled energy and experiences. Even our personalities are recycled relationships and thoughts. We cannot exist as only ourselves. It’s all an illusion. A shared and important illusion. I do believe that we are ourselves in an important way and have that power for a reason. It’s hard to explain really. It’s just that it’s only one aspect of the truth- our individuality. Something that I was thinking is contributing to great suffering in the world today is the idea that we are separate, and even worse, that we want to be. Deepak Chopra says that once we realize that we are part of everything else that love and compassion will just spontaneously rise up in us, because there will be no other reality. I love that idea. I think at our core we know that we are connected to everything.
I remember when I was pregnant I had this image of people spilling out of each other in a long line. It was this seamless and beautiful feeling- life just pouring this way and that, a body coming from another body and for a moment I was able to see just the miracle in it all. I mean, I know how it works, but isn’t that miraculous? We are most certainly all one, and yet ourselves at the same time. Universe = one song. I’m feeling really existential right now and I’m listening to lots of Bob Dylan…

Anyway, watch this video. And if you haven’t seen the whole movie (I Heart Huckabees), you’ve gotta, it’s one of my favorites.

Quote of the day:
"Everything is the same, even if it’s different." -Albert Markovski


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