Prepare to write the wrong date for a month…

Maya had her first birthday. It was fun, we gave her a big can of Canidae and lots of love and snuggles. The next day, upon arriving home from work, I was hit with a foul odor. She had thrown it all up throughout the entire house. She seemed happy as could be though. I’m sure she’d do it all again if she could. Next year we’ll give her HALF the can mixed with her dry food. Gross. Happy doggy. I felt like such a cheesy dog owner, but I swear that dog is good to us. She gives us love and peace. She really does relieve stress, and she gives us a walk every day! I won’t dress her up, but I will light a candle on her birthday 😉

Saddam Hussein was killed, as I’m sure all of you know. I watched the news right after it happened, and they showed footage of people dancing in Dearborn, MI, just 45 minutes away. I’m against the death penalty anyway, but this struck me as symbolic of something bigger and darker. I watched people dancing, celebrating the death of a bad man. I think the desire for justice and retribution is a natural one. There is no question in my mind that this man mistreated his people. But his death seemed… I was reminded of the old times, the whole town- dirty and undernourished- gathering at the gallows to watch the “witch” die. I think that we have made no progress. The town in those days was angry because of famine and disease and too little care. They placed blame on those people to help justify their needless suffering. And so the same for today. But what is our suffering? Is he the sacrifice that will appease the gods? I don’t think so. It’s hard for me to wrap my brain around all that I feel about it.
I was recently reminded of a psych study in which there are two people in separate rooms. One person is supposed to answer a set of questions. If the person answers a question wrong, the 2nd person has the ability to administer a shock. It’s called the Milgram Experiment, and while it would be considered unethical today, is truly revealing about human nature. I believe that people have good instincts. People know what’s in their hearts, but they don’t trust themselves. I think that explains a lot of the bad in the world today. It also tells me that this man’s death is not what was needed to heal the suffering in this world.

 (my lovely prego sister) included this quote in her journal, but it was so good I have to share it with all of you.

“To kill one man is to be guilty of a capital crime, to kill ten men is to increase the guilt ten-fold, to kill a hundred men is to increase it a hundred-fold. This the rulers of the earth all recognize and yet when it comes to the greatest crime–waging war on another state–they praise it!

It is clear they do not know it is wrong, for they record such deeds to be handed down to posterity; if they knew they were wrong, why should they wish to record them and have them handed down to posterity?

If a man on seeing a little black were to say it is black, but on seeing a lot of black were to say it is white, it would be clear that such a man could not distinguish black and white. Or if he were to taste a few bitter things were to pronounce them sweet, clearly he would be incapable of distinguishing between sweetness and bitterness. So those who recognize a small crime as such, but do not recognize the wickedness of the greatest crime of all–the waging of war on another state–but actually praise it–cannot distinguish right and wrong. So as to right or wrong, the rulers of the world are in confusion.” (Mozi, China, circa 470-391 B.C.)

I resolve to make greater strides in my own pursuit of peace and the peace of the world.
I plan to trust my own judgment and instincts.
I will continue fostering healthy relationships.
I will work hard in areas that challenge me, no matter how much they scare me.
I won’t touch a cigarette.

That’s all I can think of for now. I didn’t like to make resolutions before I quit smoking. Haha. If it has to do with an addiction I’d say don’t bother. But if not you might be able to do it!

Now for the last pictures of the year…

Birthday photos. She didn’t believe the food was gone.
I took these yesterday. It was so warm out that I sat outside on this big cement block in our backyard to drink my coffee. It’s December, if you don’t remember, and it was GORGEOUS. Scary.

This was taken yesterday. She’s sooooo pregtacular!

Tonight I’m going out to do the New Year’s thing, but before hand we’re having dinner with Rose and Harlowe. I’m gonna make Toni Chicken (easiest most delicious recipe) and a salad, and a salmon artichoke dip. It’s great because this meal is practically no work for me. I’ll post a recipe if anyone is interested.

Happy New Year. Mwa!


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