Microgreens are baby greens grown just beyond the sprout stage, harvested anywhere from 1-4 weeks after planting. They are fresh and flavorful, are very nutritious, and they can be used either as a garnish or as a zesty component of salads/sandwiches/etc. They are very versatile- we find that both high-end restaurants and individuals at farmer’s markets love them! We grow them both in trays of soil and hydroponically. Also, they are one crop we happily produce year-round. Check out our different varieties below!

Red Cabbage– A gorgeous purple stem with green through the leaves, mild in flavor.
Red Mustard– Beautiful green and red leaves, distinct mustard flavor.
Lemon Balm– Beautiful mint-like leaves, very fragrant with a lemony flavor.
Broccoli– bright and green, mild broccoli flavor.
Pea Shoots– Fresh and lovely, these taste like sweet peas. Delicious both raw and lightly cooked.
Arugula– Distinct peppery and nutty flavor.
Garnet Amaranth– Striking color, mild flavor.
Sunflower Shoots– a wonderful addition to salads or sandwiches, these greens have a delicious taste and a great texture.
The Ypsi Mix– A zesty and beautiful blend of broccoli, cabbages, mustard, arugula, radish, and amaranth.

Contact us for more info on availability/pricing at info@polliwog.farm 

Note: We are not certified organic, but we use organic methods and strive to source our seeds/soil/packaging/etc. from companies that are a combination of organic and/or non-GMO and/or local- in other words, we do our best to create a product that is in line with our values, and when we purchase materials we try to shop using the same principles. We are transparent about our sources/methods as well, so never hesitate to ask us anything!