We are a small family farm located in Ypsilanti Michigan. We produce vegetables, crafts, and microgreens. We are chemical-free and strive to go beyond organic standards, utilizing the ethics of permaculture in our design.


We got started simply, growing food for ourselves in our small backyard in the city. Before we knew it, half of our yard was intensively gardened. We were growing enough vegetables for our family to eat all summer, with enough left over to store for a good portion of the cold months. We started growing microgreens, which enabled us to to enter the farmer’s market scene as an urban farm. Soon we were selling to a few restaurants and groceries. We are on the path to expanding even more! We recently bought a little over 6 acres of mostly wooded land just a mile outside of downtown Ypsilanti, and are working towards building our family home there. We also grow vegetables on a plot out at Dawn Farm in Ypsilanti Township, sharing the acreage cooperatively with other developing projects.


We are a growing farm, developing our philosophy as we go. We love our family and friends, and we want to live a good, simple life that is in line with our values and allows us lots of time together. We feel very rooted in the Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor area, and hope to deepen our relationship with this community.


We are working to do our part to contribute to local resiliency and a strong sense of place that we hope will usher us into a new way of life. We believe that the needs of the land base and the humans and non-humans who live on it are more important than the needs of any existing system that doesn’t serve them. This may be our biggest challenge as a business- re-imagining what’s successful in the midst of a truly unsustainable way of life. We are always working to define what’s truly “sustainable”, which is a concept that extends far beyond consumer choices and personal ideology. What we do know is that human beings are uniquely able to both create and destroy, and unfortunately this culture seems to breed more of the latter. We aim to use our creative powers to work towards not just sustainability, but beyond it into abundance and natural wealth.