November is here.

Lots going on around here. I'm healing and feeling better every day. I have a lot of compassion now for people with head injuries of any kind… it can feel so complicated and frustrating. Thankfully, I feel no worse for the wear. I'm feeling almost back to my old self, although I haven't gone without Ibuprofen in a while so I don't actually know if the pain is gone completely, just that my concentration, emotions, etc are all feeling a bit more in my grasp. 

I can hardly believe that it's November already. And yet, despite it sneaking up on me, my body and mind feel very ready for the change in pace. This was a volunteer sunflower that I just let grow despite it being pretty late in the season. The whole time it's been out there I've been rooting for it. Go… go… you can make it… 

…and it made it, only to quickly be swallowed up by frost.  🙂

Potatoes. The harvest was really measly, but that was the case for every garden I came in contact with. I guess a summer with intense heat and drought is not a potato's cup of tea.

But we did get some, and they are lovely.

Kids are cute.

I can tell I'm not totally back, because just posting those few words and pictures has me feeling a bit zoned and done for the night. Ah well, it's a process. Taking a lesson in what it means to really rest. Hope you're all well and settling into fall.


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