Nothing can stop me from rockin

Today one of our rocking chairs was stolen right off our front porch! Can you believe it? I was very distraught by this, as was Jeff, who kept muttering something about how they probably needed it more than we did, but that they are still a big asshole for taking a chair off of someone’s front porch. It actually made me look at all the other chairs out there and thought “those could get stolen too!” Who thinks about these things unless they happen? I really liked that rocker, and we’ve given the other one away, so no rocking to be had on the front porch- a real live tragedy for this household. We should have a funeral. Oooh oooh! Or we could set up fliers to help return our rocker! Like a reward poster!!!! Haha. That might make us feel better. I don’t know. Who does that? Who needs a rocker so bad that they steal it?

I made quiche tonight. We ate almost the whole thing. My baby likes quiche. My baby makes my belly all round. I need to take a picture soon, before I’m too much bigger. I’d have to say that i feel very comfortable lately. The only negative I would say about the second trimester is that my clothes start to fit all funny, and now that I can’t button my normal pants I need shirts that cover up the zipper (they are held together with the handy dandy rubber band trick!). It’s just weird to not be able to wear your normal clothes. It is fun though, to wake up in the morning and find my hands holding my belly like it’s this new thing. Sprout moves a lot more now, and not just in flutters like before. Sometimes it feels like a little *bop* inside. Hard too! Not like it hurts or anything, but it’s like… whoa there’s a thing in there!

It’s been fun, and Jeff has been a wonderful partner through it all. Occasionally I get a little mopey because something doesn’t fit or look right anymore, and I’ll say something stupid like “I’m so fat” – which of course I don’t mean, and I hate when people say that, but whatever. He doesn’t pay any attention to me, or he immediately says something like “what you mean to say is ‘I’m a beautiful woman that’s growing a baby.” It makes me feel beautiful, he makes me feel like I have a responsibility to feel beautiful. And I do. What an amazingly feminine and miraculous thing going on in me! How can I be anything but lovely and curvy and sexy and grateful for life? He ate some lentils (i’m allergic) and I couldn’t kiss him today at lunch. It was really hard not to. It was like those two magnets that you keep putting just close enough to pull but you don’t let them. I kiss him ALL THE TIME. I think I would be a far less happy person with out all the smooching in my life. Ok, I’m a schmoozaholic. So sue me. That’s all I’m sayin about that.

My first stuffed animal was a tiny lion that I, appropriately, named “Ion.” I decided that I wanted to make Tuula a stuffed lion, and it’s finished. I just have to attach the tail that matches the mane and I’ll give it to her to slober all over.

I took this on Saturday of my mom and Tuula. I think it’s exceptionally sweet.

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  1. csgraham

    Sprout is an awesome name. You should stick with it.It’s almost as awesome as Daybreak Asylum (which is what I’m going to name my second kid).

    What did you have in mind for Saturday? I switched for Sunday. So you’ll have to wake me up.

    How much is the reward? Is it worth more than the rocker? Cuz I can give it back if it comes down to it.

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      I probably will stick with it as a nickname. What’s your first kid gonna be named?

      BREAKFAST, SILLY! Ok, well I get up pretty early, so I’ll probably call you around 9 or so… do you mind driving?

      How much is your face worth?

  2. pithy_epigrams

    A little over a year ago, both our chairs went missing from our patio. Shaun was really pissed, he liked them a lot. We ended up chaining the table to this giant statue. At any rate, a month later, on Shaun’s birthday the chairs were returned. With giant stuffed animals sitting in them. Drinking beer. We still don’t know who did it. I hope the same exact thing happens to you.

    Also, you sound so happy! It’s contagious! I am going to go smooch Shaun right now!!!

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      Omigosh! I totally didn’t entertain the idea that maybe the rocking chair thief is a DO-GOODER! This changes everything. See what I get for not being grateful?
      Yay, smooching will save us all!

  3. kazzibee

    tuula is such a pretty name.

    have you told the story of how she got that name?

    excuse me if i’ve forgotten!

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      I know, I love it! It’s a name in all sorts of languages. I believe it’s a town in Mexico (Obeth is Mexican), it means “peaceful” in Zulu, and it’s a Finnish spelling which means “wind.”
      They were thinking of all sorts of interesting names. They thought about Belit, and were also contemplating Xochitl (pronounced Socheel). I’m glad Tuula won, it’s my favorite.

  4. lilpeace

    omg Tuula’s very own Ion my Ion! You rock!

    Rocking chair robbers are stoopid. They better return them with stuffed animals and beer. Or else!!!

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      I agree… on all fronts!


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