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It's been a lovely and big kind of week for us. Last Monday Jeff and I celebrated our *seventh* wedding anniversary. I can't tell you how much I love him and am grateful to have him as my partner. I also feel aware just in the past year how young we were. I mean, our wedding was a week after my 21st birthday. Babies. But, it's a decision that continues to grow with us- a happy commitment I make every day.

And back then…

You can see how much has changed, can't you?

Oh, so much a flutter around here. Officially got together with our fellow urban farming partners and bffs, and started our joint endeavor growing microgreens in earnest. Website is under construction, but it's all coming together. We got two restaurant accounts, and three other interested restaurants that we hope to hear from soon. We are putting our heads together about other groceries and markets, testing new seed and learning about different varieties, and we'll hopefully be productive all winter growing this little business. All of this happened just in time for the release of this article saying that microgreens actually are pretty great for you. And so we're having fun and taking pictures of our food (you know, for a reason, not just because I can't help myself…), which is just always really beautiful.

I'm really not kidding. All our food looks like that these days. It's ridiculous. Amazing shared meals and color and laughter and yum. Those are pea shoots on top of a broccoli/eggplant fritatta covered in a tarragon aioli on top of fresh arugula and a tomato steak. Mmmhmm. 

I'm feeling good about farm things. I have three different farming gigs! I've struggled a bit this year, but the learning has been exponential. So really, it all balances out. I feel like I'm on a bit of a ride, and I'm just gonna keep on going. I love this work. I'm doing my best, and trying to "make new mistakes often". Yes yes.

I also am starting to take doula clients again. I joined up with a good friend and her business, and starting this month I'm open to taking a couple of births a month. Here's my profile! This is in progress, but I'm continuing my education in this area and hooking up with really cool women and I am renewing my passion for it all. This work is a good exercise in service and humility, and I am happy to start up again.

With all of this new activity I've had some ups and downs. I'm working hard to find balance and to not let other areas of my life suffer. Lots of support, intentional relaxation time, asking for some more help, and identifying some of my shortcomings are at the forefront of my mind these days. I have more to say, but it'll have to wait because Asa just took off his own poopy diaper and I have to go find it somewhere in the house and bathe the boy now. 


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