Just doing, day 2.


We all wake up late, which is really nice. I did miss my yoga class, but that’s okay. A little extra sleep is totally worth it.

Delicious breakfast- omelette with the zucchini from yesterday.

I do a little work outside and have my coffee. Jeff and I sit down and plan the day.

We identify a strawberry thief.

We head back in and have a dance party to this song… 

Vera dances like crazy, and we get a really funny video.

She tripped and fell, and then went straight into this pose. No embarrassment, just a reason to do something new. I laugh so hard I cry.

Jeff takes Vera to a play date, and I forget to take pictures for a little while.

I go to pick Vera up, and she does not want to leave.

Soon she is happy again.

We go to get some new plants.

So fun!

We forget to eat lunch, so I stopped at the co-op for some quick snack bars. I accidentally give Jeff something with cashews in it (he’s allergic), and he starts to feel icky and takes a couple of benadryl. I feel bad for not checking the label.
I sort seeds.

Cleaned up this area and moved the grill. No after pictures… I’ll include one tomorrow.

Plant 4 shade tolerant shrubs in the front yard. I also trimmed some lower branches. It’s coming along, slowly but surely.


Jeff feels all zonked from the medicine, so he takes a nap.

I take the kids outside and try to get more done. I plant new flowers next to Vera’s playhouse. 

I see what Jeff did while I was gone. He tied back the beans so we have a walkway again!


He also cleared out the second garlic bed. 


I finish the tomato trellises.

Then mulch.

And more mulching. (and Vera waters…)

I start to turn the compost pile until I stab my garden fork into a nest of wasps in the pile farthest to the left. I got stung on my hand and yelled. It still hurts!

I give up on the compost after that, because the wasps are all upset. I don’t know what we’re going to do about them. I decide to work on containing the potato mounds. We are trying to do it with some stakes and twine.

It works pretty well, and we mound them up again with straw.

Now kids are asleep, and we’re tired. A good day for doing. I think I’ll have some cookies.

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