It was an interesting PAAARTY!

Chris, me, and Jeff… A fierce bunch, I know. Chris is keeping watch, I’ve got a peg leg that doubles as a broom, and Jeff is keeping the hostages under control 🙂
So the party was weird because it was extremely well behaved, yet wasn’t a sober party. And there were drunk people who are my parent’s age. That’s just weird because all of my parent’s friends are recovering, so it’s just weird.
But it was fun because everyone was really fun and nice, and I saw some people I never get around to seeing 🙂 So ’twas a success. I’ll have Ashley send me some group photos when she can. They’re really funny.
I’m really proud of myself this morning because I got up early, made some coffee, and went straight out for a jog. I WENT JOGGING. My cheeks are still warm from it. I’m very excited to get back in shape 🙂 And not just losing weight, but getting strong again.
Lesson for the day: I’m not a good pirate. I kept giving away my treasure. I think I’ll stick to being whatever it is that I am.
Quote of the day: “When one of your dreams come true, you begin to look at the others more carefully.” -Anonymous
K bye 🙂


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  1. csgraham

    Stuck in the closet

    You were a great pirate. Maybe be a better ninja though.
    Email those pics! Where are they!? Sheeshums.
    See you tommorow.

  2. see_anotherside

    Haha, looks like the party was fun!

    Good luck with the jogging and back-in-shape getting. That’s a weird way of putting it, I know, but it’s what popped into my head. 🙂

  3. pithy_epigrams

    Jeff does not look too threatening, ah well.

    Getting into shape is so hard, when I climbed that mountain I thought I’d near about die. But I didn’t. So, that was good. Good luck.

  4. unicorntapestry

    You. Are so. Incredibly cool. Now to the important question. Why wasn’t I invited? I mean really, we have this infallible lemonade stand idea, so it wouldn’t have been that hard to get there…

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      you crack me up. Get back to squeezing lemons! hut hut!


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