It was probably the best show I’ve ever been to. I will go again soon for sure- I think this may become an annual thing. Woodstock is unreal too. I loved it all, and New York state is gorgeous, even in the winter. Jeff and I took a quiet morning walk on Sunday before the others were ready and we talked about living somewhere like that someday. Somewhere where we can see the mountains through our kitchen window. I love the east coast. GAWD.

We were only gone from Friday afternoon until really early Monday, so the majority of our time was spent driving. The land was beautiful, and of course my photos don’t do it justice.
Rose and Harlowe were so sweet the whole time. Aren’t they gag me cute? Doug for some reason opted to drive practically the whole time- so that’s pretty much how he looked the whole trip.
Unfortunately I didn’t take many photos of Woodstock. I was too busy have a GREAT TIME. I didn’t even get to take pics of Levon or his house because they asked us not to, but I did get a few of the town.

For real, the whole town was like this… it was totally surreal, but really fun. Everyone was really nice and peace lovin. My kinda town, although I think it would be way too trippy to live there.
The concert was incredible. I don’t think I can really explain it here, but I danced for 5 straight hours. Alexis P. Suter is AWESOME. The Holmes Brothers ROCK MY WORLD. Levon Helm is my FAVORITE.
We were in his house, with 90 other people, getting a VIP show basically. In the bathroom there was toothpaste and dirty laundry. I could have died.

Since I didn’t get any pics of Levon, and some of you may not know him, I posted an old video of him from the Last Waltz. Is it any wonder that I married a drummer?


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