Eyes are burny…

Jan 26th:
I love the expression in her face. My sweet Maya.

Jan 27th:
His hair goes all crazy sometimes and there’s something really comforting about it.

Jan 28th:
This is a plant for my baby that I got last night from my sisters.

Lots has happened, but today I am just incredibly exhausted. I’m finding it harder and harder to get a really solid nights rest. This is to be expected. I wish that I could say everything I want to… but I don’t really think I can muster the energy for more than just the basics:

On Saturday Jeff and I went on our last (sort of) date out until the baby. We had a really great Vietnamese meal and went and saw August Rush at the dollar theater. It was just really nice and classic. The news, however, was that for about half an hour in the movie I had trouble concentrating because I had this dull cramping. It wasn’t contractions, although I’ve been having a lot of the painless Braxton Hicks contractions. Basically I just think it was my body getting ready… which made me freak out a little about not having wipes and herbs and stuff  yet and various odds and ends. So Sunday morning Jeff and I went out and got the last of the essentials. It feels good to be fully prepared. I have been thinking that I have 2 more weeks, but realistically it could be any time. My mom gave birth early for both my older sister and I, so it’s not unreasonable that I would too. I’m in no rush, but it doesn’t hurt to have things ready.

Last night my two beautiful sisters gave me a Blessing Way with my 4 closest friends. All I can say about that for the moment was that it was certainly something I won’t ever forget. I felt so honored and loved and… well, blessed. I actually feel prepared to have this baby now. They did some really wonderful things that I will write about later, but I fear I wouldn’t do them justice now.

As tired as I am right now, I still feel an overwhelming sense of how precious this life is.

And with that, I must go plop on the couch.


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