Day 5

Still doing well with no smoking. I feel better and better about it. I feel even more encouraged when I start coughing- I know that I’m healing already.
I’ve been encountering issues with friends that have sparked some interest in me. Some friends are dealing with some serious stuff- a family member dying, a personal/emotional issue, the loss of a relationship, etc. And then others are acting like they suffer every day, yet they don’t seem to have anything in particular to be concerned about. They just tend to whine and complain, as a way of life almost.
I’m interested in the fact that the friends who have every reason to complain, don’t. They have become serious and concerned, but do not seek pity or anything of that sort.
Then there are the people who’s problems are pretty easily solved, yet they refuse to do anything about it. Or they act completely helpless. They whine everyday, rarely have anything helpful to say, and are generally pretty hard work most of the time because they are never satisfied and always looking for the “right” response.
I’m getting sort of tired of the latter type. I think it happens when they don’t have enough drama in their lives, so they create it and screw themselves over.
I need friends that are kind and aren’t preoccupied with people feeling sorry for them.


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