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Day 5

Still doing well with no smoking. I feel better and better about it. I feel even more encouraged when I start coughing- I know that I’m healing already.
I’ve been encountering issues with friends that have sparked some interest in me. Some friends are dealing with some serious stuff- a family member dying, a personal/emotional issue, the loss of a relationship, etc. And then others are acting like they suffer every day, yet they don’t seem to have anything in particular to be concerned about. They just tend to whine and complain, as a way of life almost.
I’m interested in the fact that the friends who have every reason to complain, don’t. They have become serious and concerned, but do not seek pity or anything of that sort.
Then there are the people who’s problems are pretty easily solved, yet they refuse to do anything about it. Or they act completely helpless. They whine everyday, rarely have anything helpful to say, and are generally pretty hard work most of the time because they are never satisfied and always looking for the “right” response.
I’m getting sort of tired of the latter type. I think it happens when they don’t have enough drama in their lives, so they create it and screw themselves over.
I need friends that are kind and aren’t preoccupied with people feeling sorry for them.


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5 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. Hey there

    I’m soo proud of you for not smoking Grace! :o) Hey, if people want to complain send them to work with me for one day, and then maybe after 8 hours of looking at other peoples lives (you know, dying with cancer, blind, can’t walk or talk, diabetes complications aka failing kidneys) that sort of stuff. Whenever I feel irrated with people who complain with nothing to really complain about (including myself somedays)I just turn to them and nicely say…”Suck it up cupcake”

    1. Re: Hey there

      “Suck it up cupcake, suck it up cupcake, suck it up cupcake… I think I’ve got it!”
      p.s. You’re a sweetheart and you know exactly what I mean.

  2. yay non-smoking you! I’m sad I’m not in MI when my mother and bro are. sigh. I love you, my dear! Someday when the stars collide and space whirls in graceful circles, we shall meet again. Or maybe sometime before then.
    I felt guilty when I read your entry because I can all too often be one of those annoying complainers. ‘Tis a besetting sin, alas. However, I know I am and I’ve known for awhile and admission is the 1st step toward recovery, in’t it? So there’s hope.
    love, love, love you

    1. You are so NOT one of those people. We are all prone to bouts of self-centeredness, and that, i think, is part of what keeps us sane (oddly enough).
      I’m sad you’re not here too! Maybe next year. I should come visit you in the Bronx! We have to talk soon. I love ya.

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