Coffee is really good.

So it only took me about, hmm…FOREVER to get my password working… i kept signing in and they kept tellin me it was incorrect. Grrr. Now I’ve forgotten what I wanted to say and I’m just updating on principle.

The elections are Tuesday. I know who I’m voting for, but my right to vote is becoming less and less glamorous. I wish that I felt differently, but I feel like it’s all just one big piss contest and that if i want things to change I’m gonna have to take a different route. Yesterday I was sent an article about how the head of terrorist organizations want us all to vote democrat because it will enable them to destroy America. What a fucking scam. And they would be disclosing this information now why? Sometimes I’m so ashamed of this country. But isn’t dissent patriotic? I’m just tired of living in a culture of fear. Then again, it’s where I was planted. Someone told me the saddest thing yesterday- “We are a species of hate with a tendency towards love.” I don’t know how i feel about that.

My neighbor Arka keeps cleaning up our front yard. He’ll mow and rake the leaves for us.  And it’s always when we’re at work so we don’t even have a chance to thank him. I believe this merits a tasty treat. I’m not sure what to make him though, so any ideas would be appreciated.

I realized today that one of the things that keeps me emotionally healthy these days is the occasional alone time I get (although it’s scarce) when I can turn up my music and dance very badly (because we all know it feels better when it’s not pretty), read my books, take a loooong shower, lay on the kitchen floor waiting for something to bake, etc.


I want to learn how to play banjo.

I’m off to dodge football traffic and have fun in town with Annie 🙂


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