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As the clock ticks…

I feel like I’ve been at work for days. It’s very strange. I felt on top of the world this morning, and now I am soooooo tired. I don’t understand it. I drank coffee, green tea, and none of it worked. I certainly got enough sleep last night, so I don’t understand why I would be practically falling asleep at my desk. Occasionally I’ll get sleepy, but this is like- if my head touches anything soft I’ll be asleep within moments. I dunno. I’m also really crabby all the sudden. HMMMM. PMS perhaps, but it just ain’t that time.
I suppose I’m just weirded out cuz I thought it would be a good idea to google “fatigue”. Not so smart. It was all of the worst case scenarios like jaundice and cancer, etc. Don’t google your symptoms.
Well, just thought this would keep me awake for a bit- but no. It’s failing miserably. It sucks too cuz I’m having a “girl’s night” tonight and I feel like my eyes are going to sink back in my head.


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2 thoughts on “As the clock ticks…

  1. two things come immediately to mind, first is that the caffiene probably added to being sleeping by being metabolized far too quickly or acted as a depressant. Second thing that came to mind is that your body probably needs a “reset” if you will, a quick 15 minute nap. Happens every now and then. Hope this helps(though really past the time of post)

    1. Thanks! I didn’t read this in time to take the advice, but my body certainly put me in check without my permission. I was forced to take a nap, and I didn’t have any caffiene for a couple of days. I feel all better!

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