As much as I will miss all this freshness and activity from summer, I can feel my readiness for this season. Always a little bittersweet. I welcome the change. I harvested the last of the tomatoes and they are all currently adorning my windowsills. It's become one of my favorite fall decorations (so long as there aren't any fruit flies).

This was on Wednesday, and was supposed to make it into a food post, but alas. My good friend had us for dinner. She made broccoli leaf soup, and we threw in the small amount of meat that came off of our hen that was slaughtered last week. It was a meal worth photographing. So simple, but it had such a history, and was all about less waste and more thoughtfulness. I have to say, killing and eating one of our own birds has got me thinking even more about what I eat (yes, it's possible!). I just feel like it's all pretty sacred and it's so important to be mindful in this area. Not just about how our bodies will use and respond to what we put in them, but also in terms of that exchange of energy I talked about before. Every night at dinner Vera's been saying "Thank you Mama Earth for this delicious soup…" So sweet, and something that I've taken for granted since I was a kid. Mealtime blessings have a place in our house now, if only to remind us that it's all a gift.

Things have felt complicated around here lately. It's a bit early to divulge any specifics, but I'll just say that we're just moving step by step, trying to stay open to what the universe has in store for us. My mom gave me good advice recently, which was to stay in a place of peacefulness, and not to let anything take me from that place. If I feel pulled, it's too fast. If I feel unsure, take a step back and reflect. The decision to stay peaceful amidst all this change has been surprisingly easy. It appears all I needed was the permission. Thanks Mom! 

I feel like all this time outside has lent me some perspective. I'm taking the cue, and working to simplify things around here. I think I have a lot to declutter- both physically and mentally. The physical part lends way to the mental part, I think. A good example: I find that when I clean Vera's room and take out the toys that don't belong, she immediately gravitates towards that space and starts to play really peacefully. It's really interesting. She doesn't need to have a constantly stimulating environment. She doesn't need tons of toys and activities. She needs a clear space and the opportunity to be creative. I think I'm the same. My life is so rich and busy, I'm thinking that my home space needs to stay really simple and easy to care for so that I can focus and be creative. Jeff and I talked a lot about it and feel really on the same page. We're actively simplifying, and it's good. 

This girl is growing up before my eyes. She's so beautiful.

Little stinker. He's been teething like mad, for what feels like forever. Last night he crawled on our heads from 1:30-3:30 until I submitted and he was up with me until 5:45. I'm tired. But it's amazing how a little sleep deprivation gives me a pass for the day. We're keeping it simple, reading books, making muffins, playing outside. I'm a little grateful to him today. Plus I have my coffee.

I love this season. Yesterday we went on a long walk together and enjoyed our day off. Got bagel sandwiches and sat by the river.

V wanted me to take a picture of her with her eyes closed.



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