You are the sunshine of my life…

During these cold (unpredictable due to the fact that we are killing the planet) months, if the gray starts gettin ya down, you must think on sunnier things- like cantalope and flowers and nectarines. A little Stevie Wonder is good if you need a quick fix. I also find it helpful to drown myself in little projects that will most likely never get finished, but each year I am feeling like the ant… you know, with the rubber tree plant 🙂 Besides, winter has it’s own wonder too.
I have X-mas presents galore to work on, I plan to come up with new concoctions of hopefully delicious things to eat. I’m also going back to school full time (crosses fingers). Yay.

Same scene… Different view.

Here’s the rocker that Jeff and I lugged all the way from Tennessee back home. All painted.
Before… After.
I think it’ll look better when he does the cushions for it. He’s a rockin fool. But I love that he’s happy, and for as much of a fight as I put up in Nashville, we really do find a way to never pay for ANYTHING. And I love all the stuff we have because we usually put a little bit of ourselves into it. This chair was a piece of crap and now it’s kinda pleasant.

So yay for before and afters. I have so many of them in my life, might as well celebrate em.

The other day it was snowing so purdy I tried to catch it with my camera. I did it.

I call it “Wishing on a Snowflake.” Hey, it’s hard to catch snow in an instant…

“To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.” -George Santayana


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