So much has happened recently. Early Thursday Obeth arrived. So nice! I am really pleased that everything seems to be working out for he and my sis. I really care about their happiness. There’s something magical about someone making a conscious decision to start a new family. You know, to commit to someone else so fully that you adopt them as one of your own. This isn’t necessarily just about marriage. I think the same thing can happen with friends, although, friends are a little less tied down, so I think it’s harder to see the transition.
Magic in the air!
I’m excited about X-mas. I love having this excuse to spend special time with family and friends. I’m mostly excited to see what the family’s (extended) reaction to Obeth is like, and to spend my first official married Christmas with Jeff. Tonight is our date-night, which we have every week, but this week will be our celebration. We’re going to shop for last minute presents, go see Brokeback Mountain (i’m so siked), and then go home, wrap remaining presents and get them ready to go, and then open the ones from each other.
Jeff can’t wait for me to open the ones from him. He’s so cute like that. He begged me to open one last night, but I stuck to my guns and said no. I can’t cave, otherwise he’ll expect it from me next time. Silly boy. I love him so.
On an unrelated and scandalous note, I recently found out that some of the people I work with belong to somewhat of a sex cult. Ewww. More on this later… when I’m not at work!


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