Wow, sometimes things just really work out.

I’ve had this issue with a bridesmaid recently. I never really meant for her to BE a bridesmaid. But I had coffee with her right after Jeff and I got engaged, and she asked me if she could be one. I was shocked, and had no idea how to handle the situation, so I said something along the lines of “yeah, sure…”
It’s been on my mind for a while now, and i finally got up the nerve to tell her. She was actually relieved. She said that she had been feeling guilty about it for a while, and she is not upset in the slightest that I changed my mind. Wahoo!
On another good note: Jeff and I got the apartment that we’d been wanting. It’s perfect. It’s a 2 bedroom duplex, practically on campus, and has a yard and balcony, and one of those great old deep bathtubs with the feet. I am so siked.
Again, on a good note: Mady Kouyate is looking like a definite possibility. He’s the guy I want to play my precessional. If any of you are interested in some seriously beautiful West African music- check him out.
And the weather is beautiful and isn’t rainy like the forecast said. So HA weathermen!
I’m finally feeling a little better, it’s about time too.
I’m also going to see Medeski, Martin, and Wood tonight- they may be the most fun jazz trio known to man! But who am I?


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