World peace. right on.

May 20th:

When I got my hair done like Marie Antoinette, Becky put feathers and flowers and fake birds in my hair. She let me take the birds home πŸ™‚ I love kitsch.

May 21st:
I think Dill may be sick. Jeff’s gonna take him to the vet tomorrow while I’m at work. He sneezes constantly and has a funny wheezy noise in his chest. Oh, and his nose is drippy. Poor guy. We have been extra lovey to him lately. Walt, on the other hand, is doing great. He eats way more than Dill and so is about 25% bigger I’d say. Hearty Walt. Hopefully we can get Dill the help he needs and he’ll get his appetite back…

May 22nd:
This was going to be a photo of my dear new neice Tuula, but my camera is being funny and wouldn’t let me do what I wanted with them. So, instead I give you a picture of the curtains I made πŸ™‚ I made the print ones behind the green. The green ones were really sheer, which is fine, but we have people over all the time, and so we wanted the option of privacy. Or at least a few moments before someone peers in our front window to see what we’re doing. They look good, and the sun still shines through which is what I wanted.

We met with our landlord today to talk about the appraisal. It looks like we’re gonna get the house for 128k with new furnaces and a new roof in addition to minor repairs. I really feel well taken care of here. It’s as if this house seriously just fell in our laps. Plop. I love it. It’s certainly home for now.

My boss is probably having her baby right this second. There are babies falling from the sky, it seems.

I like the show Firefly a LOT. I recently started watching it with Jeff and we are so hooked. I heard they might have a new season- I really hope so!

*Kazzibee, I recently discovered that you are cooler than I already thought you were with your Firefly reference (JeffAYNE) that I didn’t get until now. I googled it and found it was a “folk song”, but had no idea…

Ooh, and for those of you in this area… Thursday is a dinner and a movie type deal that should be really cool. Come if you’re interested!


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