What on earth…

possesses doctors and nurses to tell pregnant women that they are gaining too much weight? I, thankfully, have a great midwife who doesn’t make me weigh myself at all, and I’ve actually opted not to. Today one of Jeff’s friends was over telling us about how his tiny wife was told that she is gaining to much. Grrr. What the hell is she supposed to do about it? Diet? How irritating. He told us that they are “doctor people” – I think he was a little on the defensive because he sorta knew what we’d say… “Ignore em!” Anyway, my grandma was told to gain as little as possible, and managed to only gain 11 pounds throughout her pregnancy with my mother. It’s funny how those doctors change their minds all the time. Anyway, I’m not anti-doctor. I think doctors are great for the most part. My issue lies with those that stop treating their patients as individuals and more like statistics.
As soon as I walked on the porch I was hit with the question “Are you going to eat the placenta?” To which I replied, “Maybe if I start to hemorrhage.” It’s funny all the things I take for granted, my nonchalance about that question (which was of course followed by deafening EWWWWs and a smiling Jeff in the background), the fact that I can go through this pregnancy trusting myself and not someone claiming to be an authority on what I need, etc. It’s such a blessing, and I’m so excited to bring my first child into the world at home- without (hopefully) another horror story about inductions and complications galore.
I don’t want to sound like I disapprove of women choosing the more conventional route. In fact, I praise it, so long as it’s something that makes you feel happy and safe.


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