We celebrated early…

Oh my Gahakthatl! I can hardly believe what Jeff got me for “holiday”. It’s too good to be true. We decided to do our xmas thingy early cuz we’re sure to burn out with all the family to come. So tonight we made alfredo and opened presents. Yeehaw! I tell you what, my boy knows me too well. It’s dangerous.
So it was really fun and sweet, he’s out renting Harold and Maude for me (cuz it’s the best). I’m excited, it’ll be his first time watching it. I’m glad he’s as weird as I am. I think there’s a good chance he’ll love it. There was one point where the cheezy love started to make me feel weird- we were both looking happily at each other, knowing that we really had the most fun pleasing the other person. I could’ve sworn there was a misty glow around our faces… Puke! I love my life.

I can’t even believe it. My wildest dreams have come true! I am the proud owner of a banjo. A FUCKING BANJO! I’m so siked. He also got me a special blend of coffee from the co-op. My oh my. I will soon be a banjo player. Hell, I think this may even get me playing guitar again. AHEKATR! I’m soooo excited! I can’t even believe it.


We got our trees… The one on the left is Alberta (pronounced Al-Boi-TA). That saucy lass to the right is Natasha! I like our new tradition of the small trees that we plant later. Natasha will stay inside, but Alberta will eventually sit next to Duncan.


We also bottled the wine. You can’t really tell but they are in these pretty blue bottles. We got 28 bottles total. It’s good too! Not that I’m surprised or anything…
Anyway, I gave Jeff a compound miter saw (sounds boring but it’s really cool and I got a wicked deal), a couple of philosophical novels, and a double disc live CSN&Y cd that I’m in love with now.

I have to go to watch ze movie. Jeff just yelled “Are you ready to continue the Yoder Christmas?!?”
I am.


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