Today was a motivated kind of day. I got more done than I care to admit. For the past 4 hours or so, I’ve been knee-deep in vegetables. Ah, what a life.
I don’t really have much to say, so I thought i’d just post some pictures of my veggie adventures tonight. If anyone has any ideas as to how to eat all of this between two people (before it goes bad) feel free to enlighten me. The problem is that we belong to a CSA and we can’t really control how many veggies we get in a given week. So here we are, drowning in greenery… I know, it could be worse 😉

^This is what I harvested today from our home garden.^
And below are all the veggies from the farm…

I think it actually doesn’t look like as much as it actually is… hmm.
Anyway, I’ve determined that one of my favorite smells in life (so far) is the smell left on my hands after picking tomatoes. Beautiful.

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