Tonight, I threw a bunch of vegetables and rice in a pot, with homemade venison stock and whey and fresh herbs that I harvested from underneath a blanket of wet maple leaves. 

Tonight, I decorated this little Charlie Brown tree with the kids. I went out to the land this afternoon and sawed this beauty off the top of a little tree. I kind of love it. 

Tonight, I have few words. I have my big house full of friends and children and animals, and I feel very aware of my blessings. 

Tonight, I have a happy house, good food, amazing family and friends, a basket full of new library books, the nostalgic glow of the twinkly lights, and a feeling of warmth in these dark days.

Tonight, we wrapped simple gifts in scrap fabric. We stuffed stockings with knick-knacks and tropical fruit. We put kids to bed with a feeling of anticipation for the morning of the winter solstice. 

Tomorrow will be a long and good day. We'll wake up and open stockings and have breakfast- all 10 of us in this house together, honoring the season. Then Jeff and I and our kids will go to my grandfather's funeral and celebrate his long amazing life with my dad's family. We'll come home and have fondue and open presents. It will be a good day to welcome back the light.


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