We’ve been busy and hot- it’s going to stay in the 90s for the next few days… so I’m taking the opportunity to get the house really ready rather than work much outside. Yesterday I had some uncomfortable but irregular contractions that went away after a little while, and it kicked me into high-gear, mentally. I’ve just been thinking I have two more weeks, but really it could be any time. I had Vera a little early, but my mom had all four of us before our respective due dates. Who knows, it’ll happen when it happens (whenever the baby decides is fine with me!), but feeling that again made me a little anxious. It just won’t hurt to have things feeling as ready as I can get them. I’ve been "nesting" for weeks, but all it’s done is get things out of closets to get organized. Yesterday I spent practically the whole day getting things actually ready and put away. My craft area, while it’s still got a ways to go, is infinitely better than it was and is actually usable today! I plan to start on my postpartum pads today… something I should’ve done weeks ago! But aside from that, this space is one that I’m really really grateful for. It saves us loads of materials and money (presents, etc), and nurtures my creative spirit. πŸ™‚ I’m hoping to do more with it in the coming months when I’m not able to go out or be as active as I was with one babe.

38 weeks yesterday. I’m feeling very ripe, and a little emotional this morning. Not sure if I could explain it, really, or if it even needs explaining. Just… sigh. My belly is much lower now, so most of the shirts I was wearing with no trouble are now not quite long enough. Funny late pregnancy stuff. Before I know it that squirmy hiccuping baby will be in my arms.

I’m really happy that the outside is basically done. I mean, for now. But we were actually able to check everything off the list that we wanted done before baby. This little fence is just like the finishing touch.

It’s also great to just watch it grow now. Not a lot of harvesting yet, just a lot of flowers and baby fruit… I’m really, really happy with it.

I think I may call my sister tonight to see if she’ll watch Vera tonight for a little while so Jeff and I can get in a little quality time. We’ve been doing a lot side by side, not as much face to face. I feel like we need it. And I’ve been really wanting some yummy fresh Vietnamese food, so we’ll see how that all works out. Otherwise, today I’ve got a prenatal appt, I’ve got garlic to clean off and possibly braid if it’s ready, and more nesting things to do. I think Vera and I may have to play with some play dough or something too, we need some quality time, too.


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