The truth is plain to see

Lately I’ve had these profound revelations popping up all over the place. It’s kinda random and strange. Someone will just say something to me, and I’ll all of the sudden realize how I really feel about it.
I guess I’m realizing that I’m becoming more defined as a person. Not to say that I’m not open or learning and stuff, but that there are things that I believe in now that I can’t deny. Those beliefs are just there.
I’ve also been feeling more of a responsibility to the world. Like before I was just there for the ride, and now I’m helping to navigate. My life affects many other lives, so I should be more conscious of what I do with it. I’ve always felt somewhat of a responsibility to the world, but now it’s clear to me that some of the silly little details are important as well. For instance: whether or not I take care of my body, if I watch too much tv, what books I read, how I relate to my friends when talking about core issues, if I whine or complain, etc. It’s still all messy in my head, but it’s becoming more clear. I just don’t think that buying local food and talking about peace is enough anymore. I have to step it up.
Anyway, little word vomit there.
“Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like no one’s watching.” -Satchel Paige
ha, that just made me think of a line in I heart huckabees- “How am I not myself?”
Good question.


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