So yeah, basically I’ve become fond of the nickname “Squeaker” lately.

I’m going to visit both sets of my grandparents today. It will be our first big excursion, as they both live about an hour away. I must bring lots of diapers- I learned the hard way last time that you must over estimate your need. I’m really glad that I get to visit my dad’s parents especially. They haven’t yet met the baby, and they are generally a pretty sad pair. My grandpa is depressed (although I believe he’s getting better), and my grandma has MS- although it’d be fair to say that she suffers more under the care of my grandpa than anything else. He’s a curmudgeon. He also has one of the best hearts I know. Depression is tough, it can really transform a person. Anyway, I think that any opportunity I get to go and love them and spend time with them is important. I think I will make this a monthly event. Then we’re going from there to my mother’s parents (the ones who just moved out of their house) to have dinner. My grandma is so funny. She said “You’ll be my first dinner guests in our new home! Don’t you bring a thing!” I’m glad that we are doing this today.
Next thing that we have to do is visit Jeff’s grandma (his only living grandparent). She’s doing well, but she’s not really up to travel, so we need to go to her. She’s soooo awesome. Seriously, every time we visit her we end up standing in the doorway all ready to go but keep talking for another hour.
I feel so lucky to be able to experience my grandparents as an adult. When I was a kid I just wasn’t that interested in old people, ya know? Now I want to ask about their experiences, their history, their birth stories… I feel like they hold the key to my heritage. It’s hard, for me, to feel like I have any distinct cultural identity. I forget that my heritage is not just about what country in Europe my ancestors came from, or what their traditions were. What about the traditions being made right in front of me? What about my grandparent’s incredible resourcefulness? What about the crafts and heirlooms that have been passed down? Not to mention the recipes! It does me good to remember these things from time to time. Keeps me grateful. Mmmhmm.


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