So much happens…

and then i never feel like I have enough energy to post. But whatever, I’ll just do it.

St. Patty’s didn’t go as well as planned. It was my brother’s birthday, and that was great! Afterwards I picked up a friend who I had made plans with, but she was completely hammered. We planned to meet some friends for a drink and then we were going to stop by a house party (Jeff’s band was playing) then go to my friend’s party after. Rose took a few more shots (more like a mug full) of her half empty fifth of rum, and we went to the bar. She proceeded to pass out at the table, so i had one drink then barely managed to take her to my house and put her to bed. Katy and Nick met me at my house and we started walking to the party. We were about half a block from my house when Katy asked Nick for a piggy-back ride. He agreed and as soon as i turned my head I heard a big crack on the sidewalk. I saw Katy on her back holding her chin, and then i saw Nick. He was covered in blood and had lost his whole front tooth. The whole thing. Anyway, he went to the E.R. and I just went home. So yeah, sorry Chris. I wanted to come, but there’s nothing like serious injury to kill the St. Patty’s Day buzz.

Nick is okay, sore and a tad dysfigured, but okay. Bummer.

Jeff and I saw V for Vendetta on Saturday night. Awesome. I highly recommend it despite it’s crappy previews. I’m totally buying it when it comes out, and i’ll probably go see it again when it comes to the dollar theater.

Anyhow, puppy is good (but chewy), and I had a pretty busy and fun weekend.

That’s all for now. Hope you all have been well.


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