so, i dunno…

I’m wondering about this dog thing. The woman that I was communicating with hasn’t gotten back to me on when we can meet the pup, so I don’t really know what to expect. I suppose I’m not all that dissapointed. If not this dog, then we’ve gotten it in our heads so solidly that we will get a puppy anyways. I’m not worried 🙂 Besides, Jeff’s friend has a dog who just had puppies, so they’ll be weened and ready to go in February. Yay! But I’m tempted to just go to the humane society because those pups aren’t given a home as easily and new puppies generally aren’t a problem. So, we shall see.

I saw King Kong on Saturday night. Way cool. It wasn’t at all like I expected, and it made me feel so sad that animals can’t just live their own lives without us thinking that we should be able to control what they do. It got me kind of mad at zoos. I am not a vegetarian, however, I do believe that animals should be allowed certain rights, many of which are not given to them on the basis that “we’re the boss”. It inspired me. The only meat that I buy is organically fed and free range, but I was compelled to cut out all of the meat that I eat outside of my home. I feel like I can’t justify this evil anymore just because it’s tasty. I’ve got some research to do on the subject, I’ll report back with my findings.

On another note, it is fucking cold here. 3 days a week, Jeff and I leave for work at 6:30 am, and boy is it frigid.

I’m on my 2nd day of the patch. I like it. It is allowing me to not smoke without the panic and pain of doing it cold-turkey. I am really feeling hopeful this time around. My sister made a good point to me. I was concerned about using a nicotine supplement because I felt like that would be prolonging the addiction. However, she said that if the objective is to quit smoking, and this helps me not smoke, then it’s a good thing. Wow. So simple, but such a humbling and profound realization. It helped me understand that I am caught under this spell of addiction, and if there is a way (even if I feel it is weak) to get away from it, I should take that route.
So yea, I’ll keep you posted on that progress. I am, as of right now, officially a non-smoker. WEIRD.


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