Silly dreams

I had a dream last night that I couldn’t find my toothbrush anywhere. I searched EVERYWHERE. I even started getting annoyed with Jeff for messing with all the bathroom stuff. It was in my hand. This kind of thing happens in real life all the time, but dreaming too? Weird.
I had another that I couldn’t stop blushing. Everytime anyone spoke to me my cheeks would go on fire. I was very confused about this, and eventually started hiding my face with my hair. Weird again.

Tonight is date night. For some reason I’m super excited about it. We have it every week, almost without fail, and today I feel all fluttery inside, like I just met him or something. Maybe it’s that I’m in the last week of my 1st trimester, and I am no longer a zombie. I feel like I have come out of my cocoon and haven’t really spent time with him for weeks. We aren’t even doing anything great either. I have a hankering for the movie High Fidelity, which we own. We also discovered that at a nearby restaurant after 9 the appetizers are half off. So we’re gonna buy some normally outrageously priced nibbles and snuggle the night away.

We went to Jeff’s sister’s house last night. It was really nice. It’s a great feeling to know that his family really loves me. I guess they’re actually my family now too. Anyway, she’s giving us all sorts of stuff. A crib, loads of maternity clothes, a baby tub, a diaper bag, a breast pump, etc. Like, a lot of stuff. I seriously think we aren’t going to have a baby shower, we’re just going to throw a big party and say that gifts are optional, but we would really like visa gift cards. Basically it’s looking like all we’ll really need are cloth diapers, and things that we will have to buy afterwards. There are many things that I will have to see how I feel about them after the baby is born. Besides, I’m not really one for opening a bunch of presents in front of a crowd of women. I did that for my wedding, and it was hard for me. I’ll do it of course, but I think I’d be much happier with our alternative plan. Besides, I think this process is not just about me, it’s about Jeff and I. It’s about our family as a whole.

Today is happy.


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