She’s gone now

My great grandmother was born in 1899. She has been lucky enough to see 3 centuries. She was an adult by the time the depression hit, and was a grandmother by the time men first ventured into space. She’s seen a world I’ve only known in movies.
She only had two daughters, but our reunions are packed to the brim with young faces. She, to me, was real evidence of my heritage.
One thing that I always looked forward to were the crisp 2 dollar bills she gave us for Christmas. I always loved it, and I’d stash that envelope away and never spend the money… that is until there was something I really wanted.
I think what is so strange for me today is that my whole life I’ve known it was coming, and now that it’s actually here I don’t know how to feel. I’ve been incredibly blessed with a complete and long-living family. She is the first direct relative in my family to die since I was born. I’ve seen great aunts and great uncles go (a generation younger than she), but never her.
My 107 year old grammy passed away on Friday the 13th. Now that I think about it, it’s the only day she could’ve.


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