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I’ve had a really nice day. Today was an early rise, long thinking, cool and breezy, smiley, huggy, happy kind of day.
My sister came over and we read out loud from a book that my mom lent me a long time ago that I hadn’t had time to read yet. It’s about a woman’s journey into an Amish community. Very interesting stuff, really, and easily applicable to any life in need of some serenity. It’s a lot about a busy and unique and artistic kind of person on a quest for simplicity and community. I really like it so far. We read it almost to the end- it was really nice to just rock on the front porch with some family and a good book.
We also went to the annual Jamboree at my dad’s work. We listened to music, ate very greasy food, and looked at the animals. Fun.
I finally have some pictures for you all. Good for me, eh?

This was the day of my cousin’s wedding a while back. I liked this photo, Jeff and my brother Ben. I think Jeff looks so different with his beard shaved!

This was my birthday when Jeff took me to the arboretum.

One day Tuula was sleeping on my couch and we noticed that the blanket made her look like a little butterfly. I couldn’t use a flash, and so unfortunately the picture turned out like crap. I still think she’s adorable though.

Sometimes I wish I could sleep like a dog. It looks so satisfying.

Sometimes, there is nothing but the Beatles that will satisfy.

Ok, side note, but something that has been really bugging me- as much as I will resize and adjust a photo in photoshop or whatever, when I go to put it on LJ it automatically resizes it to 320×270 or something. I can resize it from there, but then it looks super pixelated, so i end up just going with the resized version anyway. I see that other people can resize their photos and they look great- please let me in on your secret!!! I guess i don’t care that much, but after so long just being mildly annoyed… well, now I’d really like to know how!

Edit: Thanks Chris! Hopefully that worked and my pictures are sized how I want! – EDIT: didn’t work.


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