People have been posting riddles at work, and we’ve had a lot of fun mulling over them, so I thought I would share a couple with you.

There are three light switches in a basement with no windows. One of these switches turns on a lightbulb in an upstairs room. The other two switches do nothing. You can only go into the room with the light once. How do you find which switch turns the light on?

A man named John graduated from highschool 20 years ago. He had been living in a big city ever since, and finally decided to return home to visit his parents. He’s lounging on the couch at his parent’s house in his boxers, when there came a knock at the door. John answered it, only to find it was his old friend from highschool!
John said “It’s so good to see you! I heard you took over your dad’s gas station and that everything is going really well.”
His friend replied, “Yes, that’s all true, but more importantly I got married- but to no one you’d know. This is our daughter.”
John looked at the little girl and said “What’s your name, sweetie?”
The little girl replied, “I have the same name as my mommy!”
John smiled and said “Then you must be Sally.”
How did John know the little girl’s name?

Take one away from nineteen and get twenty. How is this possible?

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