Relax everybody, nothing has changed as of right now…

So the way that I’m thinking about it is: yesterday he was president and so is he today. One day at a time people. The stuff that’s aggravating to me is that people get all extra pissed off on certain days. What about all the others? This is what makes me think that we are all talk and no action.
We only feel passionate about it when the time is good and right. Bummer, friends. If we want anything to change we need to think up an actually feasable plan. then we have to take steps to execute that plan. then the plan will be executed, and we will have done something. Until then, i think that we shouldn’t spend any of our time being pissed off because the only reason that we should be is because of our own laziness. And we all know that staying pissed off at yourself is not very productive.
So: a)deep breath b)no more anger c)no more saying the problem lies with anyone else d)start to forgive yourself for being a slacker e)don’t complain about things that can’t be changed at the moment f)don’t blame this one guy for all the evil in the world (remember that indifference is just as bad) g)reach out in your own community, talk to someone you don’t know (the biggest problem we have with moving forward is the lack of community and the fear that no one has our backs. this is wrong, lets make some connections)
I don’t think that we can make the world less dangerous (maybe we can, but who knows). Just like i can’t stop everybody from eating food that will kill them, neither can I force them to become part of the human race. But I can eat good food, live long, raise my kids right, and have a strong community lifting me up daily. It’s not rocket science, it’s working hard to give back and fulfill your role. It’s blooming where you’re planted. (g, think about that. I am not opposed to you going away, but I want you to “bloom” here first- live here now, and try not to escape)
ok, that’s all folks.


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