Today has been so nice. We have been outside the entire day- finishing planting, eating lunch together, Jeff’s been fixing our bikes… oh breezy sunny loveliness! We’re all planted except for the winter squash and the pole beans- we have to dig up sod and we’ve saved that for last (grunt). Anyway, it’ll be done in the next day or so. I need a floppy hat for this work. I can just tell the back of my neck is sunburned. All in a day’s work. In sad news my little cucumber plant died. It was hiding behind a big pot and didn’t get watered for several days. I tried to revive it but I think it’s gone. So sad!! I will just plant one from seed.

Tonight we will drop off Vera at my parent’s and we are finally going on that date. Thai food and Prince Caspian. I’m so excited.

May 23rd:
Walt. He’s great. I love my rats.

May 24th:
Tuula passed out in the car.

May 25th:
I’m in love.

Bonus picture:
The most recent picture of my brother- somewhere in the southwest.


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