Out with the old…

and in with the new, right? I am very improved, but now I have poison ivy. I think I got it from clearing out the flower beds. We had some last year that I thought we destroyed. “thought” is the operative word in that sentence. I seriously didn’t see it! It must’ve just been a little thing that I grabbed with all the other weeds. Anyway, I’ve never had it before- I thought I had immunity from it. Again, there’s that word. Basically, I need to not pay attention to what I think. Poison Ivy ITCHES!!! Yikes! I have been slathering it with calamine lotion and still I find my fingers creeping slowly towards that spot until I force them back to my side. ITCHY ITCHY YIKES ITCHY!!! I am also really paranoid that my whole body is somehow covered in it. Now I seem to be itchy everywhere, although I think I’m willing myself to itch. I think about a spot and it itches. I need to forget that I have it now. Ok. Forgetting…

Today was a really nice day. My mom and I went and bought plants, then we went to see my little sister Clara play her last orchestra performance for high school. I ran into an old teacher (a favorite), and a friend I haven’t seen in years. Now I’m home with Jeff and we’re going to eat bratwurst and baked mac and cheese and spinach and watch the 2nd Harry Potter movie. Date night! Tomorrow we’re going to buy the rest of our garden plants, so many pictures are coming soon.

I just started pumping milk, so soon Jeff and I will be able to enlist the help of grandparents for a real date soon. We’re planning on it for next weekend. Nothing big, but the plan is dinner and a movie OUT. I am ridiculously excited about it. Going out to dinner… my arms free! A movie in a theater!!! I kind of want to smuggle in my own popcorn covered in nutritional yeast. yum. Anyway, I know I’ll miss her, but I think it will be pure therapy for me to go somewhere for a few hours just the two of us. I look forward to a “girls night” soon. And at the end of the night I know I’ll be so happy to grab my darling baby and take her home. Oh golly I’m so excited. Now do I want to go out to eat Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Middle Eastern, Thai, Indian? Hmmm.

I was sitting on the toilet at my parents house (bear with me) and I took a look at this book they had called “Courage to Change- One Day at a Time in Al-Anon”. For those of you that don’t know, my dad is a recovering alcoholic- he’s been sober I think 38 years this summer. Anyway, he runs a drug treatment program and is really active in AA and all that, and my mom goes to Al-Anon every week. So they have these books all over the place. Lets just say I learned the serenity prayer at a very young age. So I’m flipping through this book, and at the very end I notice my mom had written in some of the sayings they have in Al-Anon, and I really liked them. So, for your quote of the day I’ve compiled a few classic AA sayings. They are good for everyone, trust me.

“An expectation is a premeditated resentment.”
“I can be right or I can be happy.”
“A lot of my healthy behavior is imaginary.”
“Courage is fear in action.”
“What other people think of me is none of my business.”


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