Out with it!

purge: [purj] verb, purged, purg⋅ing, noun

1. to rid of whatever is impure or undesirable; cleanse; purify.

Today and yesterday I’ve been purging. All these extra things that have been collected, whether gifted or my own accumulation- all these things need to GO. When we moved I was alarmed by the amount of crap we had, all of it hiding in this corner or that. I’m sure part of it is just not wanting to throw things away. I hate waste, and I don’t want to contribute to the world’s garbage. I also tend to be a junk-to-art kind of person. I love to find uses for things, I love things with a story and a history, etc. But then there’s all that stuff that collects in the in-between spaces- like the books I’ll never get around to reading but love to have on a shelf anyway. There’s the literal TON of baby crap that was gifted by well-meaning folks who were probably really relieved to get rid of it all themselves. There’s all the strange miscellaneous stuff that I think is pretty or may be useful in the future, but likely will never get around to it or I just don’t really have the space. There’s paper… oh all the paper. There’s little plastic things that I have no idea what they are for… a surprising amount of stuff like that. Then there’s the gifts that I won’t really use (or don’t really like) but hesitate to get rid of because of who gave them to us or it was a wedding gift or something. That stuff I struggle with because it feels like more than just that thing I’m getting rid of. Today I’m doing my best to shake that doubt off and purge anyway. It has to be done.Then I’m going to post on craigslist for people to come take all of it for free. Today is a good day.

Cherries! I’m thrilled that our brand-new cherry tree is fruiting, and I’m hoping for years of deliciousness to come. I also have this cool cherry pitter thing that my grandma gave me last year (I thought I’d never use it), but it’s looking like it might be very handy.


My girl. She’s been loving that scooter thing that my sister in law brought over for her. We whiz her around the yard and it’s fun.

My sweet dog. She’s so fluffy, and the weather is warming up. Sometimes we have to take her out back and practically pluck her like a chicken. When we’re done there’s practically tumbleweeds of her fluff to pick up out of the backyard. I’m sure the birds all have Maya-hair nests. It’s kind of insane, the shedding. It’s also completely worth it.

We went for a walk when Vera had her cold, and I looked down and her and she was all teary and snot-streaked. I loved the single not sad tear she had hanging out on her cheek.

Here’s my most recent crafty thing. It’s a message board made from an old window at the reuse center and some scrap fabric. I love it. I got the idea here.

I spied on them the other morning. I was trying to get something done inside, so they just sat out there eating their breakfast together, being all ridiculously sweet and talking in the way that only a Vera and a Jeff can talk to one another. I love my family.

Quote of the day:
"We all have a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other person could be." -Jane Austen


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