No tv is goood.

I’ve been so project-oriented lately, I only hope to continue that in the coming months. I’m not that worried about it because the weather is so beautiful right now I could roll in the mud (and might if I can’t get a handle on my excitement). I can’t speak of some of my projects, as they are still unfinished and some secret.

I can tell you about making my own cream cheese and whey! It is yummy. I used the cream cheese for cream-cheesy things (including dough for empanadas on Sunday), and I used the whey to make a fermented raisin chutney to go with the meat empanadas. It’s amazing what you can do with food that is ALIVE. I’m becoming a fermentation nut as of late. For real, you can just leave stuff out and it gets GOOOOD.

Why Having More No Longer Makes Us Happy

 posted this article earlier and i thought it was really interesting. There’s lots to be said on the subject, but I’ll sum it up by saying that Jeff and I decided a while ago that we will never take jobs that pay us too much, and we will continue to live as humbly and comfortably as we can while lowering our impact on the planet. That’s not to say that everyone should live how we do, but as this article points out, it’s important to recognize our limits. We are all addicts of sorts. Even if we are not addicted to a drug, or alcohol- we may be addicted to ideas, to goals, to MORE. Where does the road diverge? When does more become too much?
For those of you that don’t know, my dad is a recovering alcoholic, and throughout my whole life I’ve been surrounded by the recovering community. This is a joke that I’ve heard that I believe applies to everyone that isn’t careful…

An alcoholic is stranded on a desert island. He finds a bottle sticking out of the sand, and to humor himself, he rubs it. Suddenly a genie appears and tells the man that he can have 3 wishes! The man is shocked and without thinking makes his first wish. He says he’d like a 5th of his favorite liquor, only this bottle is never-ending. POOF. The bottle appears and the man takes a big swig. Sure enough, the bottle magically fills to the top. The genie asks the man for his second wish, and the man exclaims “I’ll have another!”

March 21st:

I had a photo shoot with myself. I learned a few things… A) it’s hard to hold a camera completely still. B) I need to clean my mirror.

March 22nd:

The cream cheese and chutney. I am proud. I CAN’T HELP IT! It’s just so fun to know that I can make pretty much everything that I once thought I could only buy. Also, homemade cream cheese is practically no work, and has much more nutritional value than store bought. It’s also much easier to spread 🙂 The chutney is still finishing up, but it’s delicious from what I can tell right now.

March 23rd:
I MISSED IT. I am sorry!! I had the perfect picture too! J and I were going to rent a video and we saw a 13 or so year old boy holding one of those homemade cardboard signs that men looking for work do. This one said “WILL EAT FOR FOOD”. He seemed very proud of himself. I thought it was hilarious. When I went to take a picture my camera died. Stupid batteries. I need the rechargeable ones.

“All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling.” -Oscar Wilde


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