My life changes like michigan weather…

Hmmmm, where to start? I suppose I should announce my engagement to my best friend! He is literally the light of my life. I am so happy. Details to follow on that one.
It’s funny that this weekend was one of the more stressful weekends in recent memory, however I was not panicked or scared. I was calm. I feel like now that I know I am safe and loved, not much could truly weather me. Situations may become taxing, but overall, since I have a faith in people and in love, I have nothing to fear and everything to look forward to.
I’ve been reviewing my past quite a bit as well. It’s strange to find resolution in everything I’ve done. I realize now in a new way that every step I took led me exactly to the place I am now. Of course I knew that before, but I didn’t have such an obvious and substantial payoff. I suppose that I would like to stress to everyone that life is not self-explainatory, but it is purposeful and important whether you know it or not. Every single step you take is integral.
Today I MUST do homework. I continually dissapoint myself with my own slackage. Jeff(the future husband) will hopefully motivate me some. I will update this more when I am not at work. SLACKING! see!?!?!


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