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    Blah Blah Blah. Basically, I think we’re probably gonna try and buy the house we’re in now. I didn’t talk about it much here because I felt like it was too shakey a plan, and it turns out it was. I wanted to buy this house on an acre. It needs a lot of work and love, but the yard in the city is like a treasure. While J and I worked it out so that we could for sure afford it, it struck me today that maybe we’re not ready for it. We can afford it, but we can’t really afford it. Plus, the amount of work and repair that needs doing is going to cost a pretty penny. So we thought… roommate! The only problem with a roomate is that a) the house would be under construction a lot. b) It’s not exactly working within our means if the only way we can own the house would be to have someone supplement our income. I’m a little sad about this realization, but it’s also sort of freed me up.
During this whole time that we were planning, I found out that our landlord wanted to talk to us about selling us the house we’re in. I love my house, and while it doesn’t have the same space or garden potential, it has just enough for us right now. It actually has some awesome gardening potential if I owned it- i wouldn’t be worried about tearing up the whole yard. Plus it’s about $40,000 less than we were planning on paying (wow) and we already have a tenant (upstairs separate apartment) that we know and love, and who would stick around for at least a few years. We could also afford the whole payment, on our own, no matter what happened with a tenant. It’s really doable, and while I wasn’t that thrilled about it at first, I truly see the potential. Plus, it’s right next to campus, so reselling it would not be a problem in the slightest. It’s also already split for renting.
What’s weird is I was kinda bumming myself out over this, and then I checked my email only to find my “Daily OM” saying that today I will be very practical, especially when it comes to finances, and that this may make me sad because it will remind me of things I can’t have. However, it says that there are… well here:

We may want to remind ourselves of our goals before making such plans to be sure that we make decisions that are in line with who we truly are and who we want to become. This is where heart, mind, and intuition come together to help us make the best choices for our present in order to build our future. Today, though you may be feeling sensible, you can use your senses to make sure that you appreciate the fullness of life and all it has to offer.”

March 4th:

Besides, we can’t move until we find a really great front window for our pup!
I love wrapping her in blankets.

March 5th:

There’s something terribly romantic to me about a new house plant…

I decided I really like myspace music. It’s a great way to find interesting and new music. So far I recommend: Serena Ryder, Musee Mecanique, Comatose Collin (my bro’s band, he’s the one on the far left, he sings), Mad Hatt & Co (Jeff’s band), Duchess of Funk… I will add more later.



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