Labor update

Just to let everyone know, I’m still in labor. It has been a long day and a half, and my contractions slowed so I could get some sleep (which I actually did!). I’m am trying to stay relaxed and calm even though I am pretty tired overall. I have to remember that I gotta get my sprout outta there.
I will say that I am still very grateful that I am doing this at home. I think by this point I would’ve been bullied into a great many things just because things are progressing slower than “planned.” It takes what it takes, you know?
My midwife and doula left for a while to let me get reset and truly comfortable in my space, and so Jeff and I are gonna watch a movie and I’m gonna work on walking around the house some and working through these contractions.
Continue to send me love and peace. I need patience and trust today.


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