May 12th:
I love Tuula.

May 13th:
Mother’s Day. One poppy had bloomed in our yard, so I cut it for Gretchen on her first mom’s day.
Jeff and I managed to see both our sides (his mom and mine) in the same day without feeling really rushed. Mom’s are great.

May 14th:

May 15th:
I heart thunderstorms.

May 16th:
I babysat my coworker’s kid, Starr. She’s ridiculously cute.

May 17th:

May 18th:
We got new sofas! Well, not new-new, but new to us. Free off of craig’s list. Yay for that site. Yes, this does mean that I am passing on the funky green pleather couch. It is sad. It is also time to move on. Rose will have it, so I’m not too upset about it. These new guys make the room seem a little more spacious too. Plus this new big one is a hide-a-bed, and they match. I like em. I haven’t decided whether or not to slip cover them in something solid. Hum…

May 19th:

And some poppies for good measure:



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