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I’m doing a doula training this weekend. I’m very excited to be doing something just for me. You know, for my personal betterment. I mean, I write, I am creative, I garden, I relax and nurture my friendships, I’m always up to something… But it’s been a while since I felt like I was on a path somewhere specific. I also just completed my application for massage school this fall. I really can’t wait to do this stuff and just learn! I’m having fun dreaming about where I might be in the future. I have good roots, so it’s time for some fruit (besides my belly fruit)!

Other than that, I’m so glad that it’s March. The start of spring is just a few weeks away, and I can’t wait. I know that it won’t warm up fully for a little while, but it’s been such a cold winter that even just to think about the word "spring" is nice. I love all the seasons. They all have their purpose, but every winter around this time I just ache for a little more mobility and fresh air. Even in the early part of the winter I’d bundle us all up, baby in sling and loaded with blankets, and I’d go out for a good walk. Lately, though, the wind is so harsh that even when I’ve tried it’s been too cold for even me. I’m also just reaching this place where I think I need a good dose of sunshine right in my face. Soon… I hear Friday is supposed to get up to 50 degrees, and if that’s the case I’ll be outside all day long if I can. So funny, I just looked back at some of my late winter entries last year and I felt stir-crazy as ever. Yep, it will pass soon…

Oh! I’m really wanting a new tattoo- kind of like this:

Although I’d like it to be my own design, so once my art space is set up I’ll work on it. I want simple, folk-arty, circle plant/tree kind of thing. I’ll work on it. My dad told me several years ago that I was allowed to get a tattoo when I am too old to want one. Well, I guess I’m still not allowed. Didn’t stop me before. (I love you dad!) I will admit that my first tattoo was a bit… well, I was kind of a pushover and let the guy do what he wanted with the size and design even when I didn’t feel 100% about it. I liked it, but I didn’t love it, and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings by altering it. It’s still meaningful, and now in new ways too- like how I shouldn’t be a doormat… but also I like that it was his design now. He was a friend that I lost touch with and have since heard he died of a heroin overdose. When I heard about it I was kind of happy I had the tattoo that I did. Like I kept a little bit of his creative spirit here forever. It’s no great piece of art, but he liked it.

Speaking of the art area, the house is coming along, but has slowed due to the carpet fiasco. The whole upstairs was covered in this really nasty orange shag from the 70’s. I love retro stuff, but not this. Jeff and I have resigned ourselves to not buy new, even in this case, and so we were going to shampoo the hell out of it and lay big area rugs over top. Well, Jeff’s cat allergies just wouldn’t allow it. Poor guy was sure he would die. You would not BELIEVE how much cat hair was in that carpet. Jeff is convinced they peed over every square inch. We ripped it up hoping for hard wood like the rest of the house, but no luck. So, we found a local guy who works out of his house and sells a carpet that is made from recycled fibers. I’m secretly thrilled that we can replace it, and I’m happy with who and what we found. If one must buy new, might as well support your local economy and get whatever you can recycled. Anway, because he’s just this small guy rather than a chain, the carpet has been taking a while to get here. Friday is the day, I guess, and then we can finish settling into this place, move out of the temporary bedroom and I can get to crafting!

I’ve got to do more reading for this training, but I wanted to update before another week goes by and I loose my gumption. Quote of the day inspired by my path less traveled- the hiatus that I took when baby was born and my own rebirth, in a way, out of a limited way of thinking about my future and the expectations people had of me. I feel almost like lifting a glass to the curve ball that life threw at me, my ability to recongnize some of my own prejudice, and how awesome I feel being on a new and purposeful path that suits me and my family better. If that was all really random, then here’s a little history.

Quote of the day:
"The least of learning is done in the classrooms." -Thomas Merton


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