It’s friday and i’m not at work

Katy is in town from Nashville 🙂 We will be goin out on the town today… whenever she wakes up (*ahem* it’s 1:30pm)!!!
I feel very peaceful and happy today. Yesterday was one of those #$%@ days that brings me back here.
I took the day off of work, but now it’s looking like I might as well have gone in. Katy’s taking her sweeeet ol time.
My love Becky and I hung out the other day. I never see her anymore because she works like 60+ hours a week, and goes to school, and lives a little out of town. So she had a break for the holidays. It’s nice with her, she’s been one of my best friends since we were 7. She’s one of those people I think I will always know and love, and no matter how much time is spent away, we always come back and it’s as good as new.

I thought this was sort of a rock star picture of her.

That’s really all I got for now.


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