Today has been full of inspiration- not a heck of a lot of doing, but hey, why not dream and imagine while I’m stuck in one spot nursing most of the day? I’m finding that I’m getting really sick of the computer, but at the same time I’m grateful for it since I don’t have a lot of mobility for big portions of the day. I did manage to take a walk with the dog and garden for a little while, but I do end up plopping here a lot. Anyway, with Jeff going back to work next week, I’m trying to get organized and have projects/activities lined up for me and the kiddos. In my quest for ideas, I have been greatly inspired. People are so cool! I thought I’d pop on here and share a few of the things I’ve found:

So much out there! Vera can help me with so much of it, too. Anyway, I’m also hatching lots of plans for improving the house, for food storage, and for fun… I’ll be sure to keep you posted.


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