I’m tired

This was a fun but somewhat tiring weekend. Good though, for sure.

Feb. 16th:

Feb. 17th:

My dad called me because he wanted me to have his old art table that used to be my grandpa’s. It turned out it was too heavy for me to load by myself into the car, so I left it at their house. While I was over there I noticed one of the stunning floral arrangements that my dad periodically gets for my mom. The guy who does them is just amazing.

Feb. 18th:

Last night I went over to Katy’s mom’s house for hors d’oeuvres and I finally got the kombucha mushroom from her that I’d been wanting. 7-10 days and I’ll have a constant supply.

Today we also helped Annie & Ryan move to this great farmhouse on the outskirts of town. It’s nice because it’s so close to the city, but you’d never know it being there. I love old houses, they are so beautiful and full of character.

I also am learning a life lesson about the importance of consistency in our presenting and private selves. I’ll talk more on that later.


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