I was… fine.

I feel so happy right now. I just need to keep telling myself that I HAVE to do it. I have to get up there, every time. I can’t be afraid of my life. I have to just get up and do it. And I really was ok. Not great, lot’s of progress to be made, but totally OK.

It’s the big winter storm we’ve been waiting for all day. You would think everyone moved here from Florida or something- the shock of a snow in Michigan!! And it’s also amazing to me that every year I realize how many people still don’t know how to drive in snow. If you have a MI plate then it’s just laziness. We’re midwesterners, people!
That’s really all I have other than to give you a summery picture.

 has been doing this thing called Project 365. I love taking pictures anyway, and so I think I’m gonna do it. So I’m a month and a half late… sue me.
Feb. 13th:

So far so good. I like. You guys should do it too if you can. I’m excited to see them all together.

“Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another.” -Marquis de Condorcet


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