I totally did it…

… and I totally didn’t die. Although, I always sort of expect that after doing something really hard like that I will feel like a shiny new person, with all the strength in the world. I feel good, but the same. I think it’s just something for me to remember about this process, that it’s a process.

Anyway, I’m feeling content and peaceful at the moment. Chris came over and I made some kick-ass bbq chicken sandwiches (yum) and we watched Fast Food Nation. It was a tough movie, but basically what I expected content-wise. I have that sort of unreal after-a-heavy-movie feeling that’s all through my head and eyes. I need to blast some music and jump around, get my blood moving.

April 3rd:

Ever since I was little we’ve been invited to these Passover Seders even though we’re not Jewish. I loved them, then didn’t, and now I love them again. All the singing and Hebrew and matzah, and that really good apple nut thing (What is that stuff!?! I could eat it every day!!!). Who could ask for more? Jeff gets excited for them every year… I’m glad that I married someone so open to new cultural experiences.

April 4th:
Jeff took this photo. We don’t let Maya on the bed at night, but she started coming up around 7:30 every morning, and we were too tired to stop her. Now it’s just routine. No wonder I fight the break of day. Seriously, just looking at this picture makes me think about how cozy I’m sure I was. I loooove morning.

April 5th:

This week has  been peppered with religious significance. My pop really wanted us all to come to mass with him (we weren’t raised Catholic) and so I just sort of figured it wouldn’t kill me, and it would make him happy. It was nice, I really liked the stained glass and all the echoes… but truth be told I was about to fall asleep. It was a nice thing to do for him though, and I’m glad that I can now voluntarily please my father without resentment. Hallelujah to that.

April 6th:

Before getting lost in all that was barbecue and movie, Chris and I had planned to decorate my flower pots with bark and paint. So we went to the “dollar store” (which turned out to be like the 4-dollar-store) to get a hot glue gun. I got one of these lil spinny guys and a coffee mug. It has a rooster on it and it came with a heater that you plug it at your desk so it won’t get cold. I love it. I know I’ll be sitting here early tomorrow morning, sipping my *hot* coffee and reading Farmgirl Fare. What a good life.

Mwa! I’m gonna get jumpin.


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