I think I know what this is…

Lately I’ve been thinking/feeling a combination of things, all of which have struck me as profound and in need of further meditation. These things include: death, friendships, birth, education, spirituality, marriage, intimacy, sex, body image, goodbyes, health, humor, hate, violence, money, poverty, prayer, god, etc.
Sure, I’ve contemplated these things my whole life. Recently, however, I realized that this is different than the other times. I wasn’t sure why until just moments ago.
It’s a beautiful morning. I woke up slowly and had warm coffee waiting for me. I ate breakfast at the table with Jeff across from me. We told each other about the dreams we had. I put on some music, read my favorite blog http://www.foodiefarmgirl.blogspot.com/ , and went outside to see Jeff and my pup playing in the sunshine with a big felt snake. I love my life. I love my partner.
This is what growing up is. It hurts, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.


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