I have the best thoughts

But they always come at times when I can’t update, and then when I can I just sort of throw my hands up and skip it.

My hands are burning from all the jalepenos… that i chopped up… and put in some serious guacamole. You can never have enough guacamole around. That’s really what I’ve been doing with my time- mostly making things, cleaning, going out, reading. I am really enjoying myself lately, and I’m soaking up the mild weather and sunshine while I can. Damn, they are really burning. I washed them twice. Youch.

Shakey Jake -an Ann Arbor legend- passed away last night. He had a good run. I used to work for a shop downtown that sold all sorts of silly knick-knacks, and the woman who owned it was Jake’s caretaker of sorts. From what I understood she took care of his finances and stuff, and generally looked out for him. I got to see him almost every day that I worked. He would come in with some demand and say “baby” after everything. He was quite a character. You could barely understand what he said half the time, and he wore this long winter coat and a suit year-round. He played guitar terribly. Who knows whether it was because he was so old or if he was insane, but it’s really what made him famous around here. People have tshirts and bumper stickers that say “I brake for Jake.”
Anyway, he’ll be missed. It’s sad to think that he won’t be around anymore.

Jeff and I moved our bedroom to the smaller room in the back of the house. I LOVE IT. Our windows are private now, so we leave them wide open. You wake up and see our big tree and the garden in the back yard. We’re going to turn the other room into a baby stuff/ sewing/ art/ library/ everything room. It didn’t make sense for our bedroom to be in the bigger of the two anymore. So, as a result, our bedroom looks beautiful and sparkling clean, and the rest of the house looks like a complete disaster. But… it is not really. I actually feel like the whole place has a new lease on life. I have a very good feeling about getting everything out and putting it all back again. Is this nesting? I just hope this fire doesn’t burn out until I get everything put away. It looks like we just moved in again.

I’m reading this book called the Red Tent. I won’t go into detail now, but it’s very intriguing so far.

I’m trying to pickle radishes… but I’ve never pickled anything before. I want them to be fabulous.

My hands are on fire!!!


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