I hate not updating…

So I have decided to periodically update throughout the day, just with random thoughts and whatever.

Basically I haven’t been updating because I am super exhausted all of ze time. And it is because. I am growing a human. In my belly. It is contagious. And very hard work. I have caught the human-growing bug. I’m 10 weeks on Thursday. I’m due on Feb. 10th. Weird huh?

I’ve known for a while, but decided to keep it a secret for a bit. At this point I’m feeling optimistic when I’m not battling serious fatigue and grumpiness. Mostly I feel good. I’ve had some time to be apathetic, nervous, and excited. Gretchen talks about it like it’s been just an explosion of love. What could be bad about that? Nothin. Plus I know that Jeff and I will be great no matter what. I can’t wait till my brain works again.

Jeff and I are figuring out what we want to do about buying our house. It’s becoming a bit more complicated than it was. Grrr. Complications. I’ll get into this at some point, when I have some clue as to what is going on.

I resolve to not let the process of downloading and organizing pictures for 365 keep me from updating my journal. Lately I’ve been so easily zonked that just thinking about it will keep me far away from my computer. I should not do this to myself, because I love taking pictures, and I shouldn’t sour it because I’m easily overwhelmed right now.

Yesterday was Gretchen’s birthday! She turned 25, which I think seems like a fabulous age, but she seemed to have some mixed thoughts on the subject. She did have a healthy “but I know when I’m 50 I’ll look back and laugh at myself” perspective.  We had sushi- which I could only pick at- and then had ice cream and stuff. I love birthdays. I love thinking about how grateful I am that people are just alive, that they just came into being and here we all are.

Yesterday as J and I were driving home from work I looked down at my belly and thought “WHO ARE YOU?” It was an interesting feeling.

Meh. That’s all I got for now.

ooh! But here’s a super great picture that my dad sent me this morning of Gretchen, Obeth, and Tuula:


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